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TX Factor is our established flagship programme - a series of HD TV shows dedicated entirely to amateur radio. TX Factor was launched in February 2014 and since then our episodes have been viewed over 250,000 times.

Our presenters explore the history of amateur radio, rigs, antennas, operating modes, propagation, sport radio, training, club news, RSGB news, world news - in fact, anything and everything!

TX Factor is a professionally produced programme presented by radio amateurs for radio amateurs - and here you can watch our latest episodes and find out what TX Factor has to offer.

Don't forget to select 'HD' (if your broadband speed allows it) when viewing episodes!

All our previous episodes are available to watch. Click the icon to see more details . . .

Episode 25 (TXF025) 

TX date 13th December 2019

Episode 24 (TXF024) 

TX date 30th October 2019

Episode 23 (TXF023) 

TX date 6th July 2019

Episode 22 (TXF022) 

TX date 7th December 2018

Episode 21 (TXF021) 

TX date 29th May 2018

Episode 20 (TXF020) 

TX date 26th January 2018

Episode 19 (TXF019) 

TX date 17th November 2017

Episode 18 (TXF018) 

TX date 15th September 2017

Episode 17 (TXF017) 

TX date 14th July 2017

Episode 16 (TXF016) 

TX date 19th May 2017

Episode 15 (TXF015) 

TX date 17th March 2017

Episode 14 (TXF014) 

TX date 25th January 2017

Episode 13 (TXF013) 

TX date 5th November 2016

Episode 12 (TXF012) 

TX date 27th July 2016

Episode 11 (TXF011) 

TX date 6th June 2016

Episode 10 (TXF010) 

TX date 26th February 2016

Episode 9 (TXF009) 

TX date 2nd September 2015

Episode 8 (TXF008) 

TX date 6th May 2015

The following TX Factor episodes (TXF007 through TXF001) have now been consigned to the archive. But never fear! They are still relevant today and make a great resource for you or you club to watch. They are free of commercials and sponsorship messages and available to download or purchase for a small fee. Just half the the cost of a coffee for each show helps us raise some revenue to keep TX Factor shows in production. Simply click any show’s icon and you’ll be transported to our Vimeo channel where you can choose your purchase(s) with free bonus features. Thank you for your support!

Episode 7 (TXF007) 

TX date 13th February 2015

Episode 6 (TXF006) 

TX date 20th November 2014

Episode 5 (TXF005) 

TX date 25th September 2014

Episode 4 (TXF004) 

TX date 25th July 2014

Episode 3 (TXF003) 

TX date 16th May 2014

Episode 2 (TXF002) 

TX date 21st March 2014

Episode 1 (TXF001) 

TX date 21st February 2014